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New way of tracing tobacco products

ID ISSUER is the proven solution for the services based on the EU legislation. TPD regulates the manufacture, packaging and sale of tobacco products. According to the new TPD, manufacturers, importers and retailers must have introduced the new traceability system for tobacco products by 20 May 2019.


To tackle illicit trade, the EU Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU) provides for the establishment of an EU-wide track and trace system for the legal supply chain of tobacco products (article 15), as well as a system of security features to help detect illicit products (article 16).

Why did
that happen

Illicit tobacco trade is responsible for millions of euros in tax revenue losses by EU countries every year. Measuring the extent of this illicit tobacco trade is extremely challenging, but the amount of duty that EU tax administrations lose to illicit trade has been estimated at about €11.1 billion a year[1]. Illicit tobacco trade has also been identified as a primary source of revenue for organized crime.

Who needs to comply

Everybody involved within supply chain from the importer / manufacturer to the last economic operator before the first retail outlet

When do you
need to be ready

Both the traceability system and the security features should be in place by 20 May 2019 for cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco and by 20 May 2024, for all other tobacco products (such as cigars, cigarillos and smokeless tobacco products).

Find your question

  • How many characters of unit level UI must be visible on the pack?

    As ID Issuer, we do not have a special requirement for the UI’s visibility on the packaging of tobacco products beyond the scope of the Implementing Regulation.

  • Is the full functionality of ID Issuer software available also through the WEB interface?

    All of the functionalities of ID Issuer software solution as requested by Contracting Authority is available also through WEB interface.

  • What is a unique identifier?

    The unique identifier, which is applied in the form of a unique alphanumerical code, can be used to identify each and every individual pack or aggregated package of tobacco products. The unique identifier can be obtained in digital form via the ordering portal.

  • Does the individual identifier contain any additional information?

    No. Besides the information required by the EU Tobacco Products Directive, no other information may be included in the unique identifier.

  • The full length of the unit level UI. All characters visible or not.

    The suggested length of the unit level UI code is 26 characters and length of aggregated level UI code is 31 characters including time stamp. The serial number for unit level UI and also aggregated level UI is suggested to be made up of nine characters, including numbers, lowercase letters and capital letters. There are two separate sequences, one for unit level UI and one for aggregated level UI. Each product code is made up of four characters consisting of numbers, lowercase letters and capital letters.

    Aggregated level UI contains the identifier code of the facility in which the aggregation process took place, which has length of 9 characters for facility codes issued according to the specification. The facility code is made of 5 characters long ID ISSUER prefix and 3 characters long code. ID Issuer generated UIs does not contain time stamp. Time stamp is added by economic operator. More details are given in ID Issuer Technical specification.

  • How can unique identifiers be ordered from the ID issuer?

    You first have to register on the ID issuer’s portal. Orders can then be placed via the ID issuer’s ordering portal (GUI) or via application programing interface (API) in case of system integration

  • Will the data in your system be sufficiently secure against leaks (professional secrets and GDPR)?

    Our solution is compliant with GDPR in all areas: process setup, software capabilities and infrastructure.
    The software solution itself provides native support for all mandatory GDPR features (including not only pseudonymization, right of access, right to erasure, and records of processing activities). Required GDPR functionalities are implemented. Access to and processing of personal data will be available only to authenticated and authorized users.

  • Do you have experience with similar systems?

    Allexis has been active in business consulting and software development for over 20 years. We provide our clients with the most effective and innovative solutions in many areas. In recent years, we have focused on developing products and solutions for public administrative bodies, namely tax and customs offices, that are fighting tax fraud and tax evasion. Allexis products are integrated software solutions that effectively fight tax fraud. They are intended for government entities, business entities and citizens. In addition to effectively eliminating illegal activities, these products bring other benefits in the form of time and financial savings, increased effectiveness of business processes and increased security of financial transactions. Software (SW) tools developed with the aim of helping governments eliminate tax evasion include the Tax Stamp Management and Control System, Process and Operation Management of Tax and Customs Inspections, the Alladin Stamp Register Management System and the VAT Check Report.

  • How are invoices issued?

    Invoicing will be set on monthly basis. All orders will be included in one collective invoice that will be sent electronically in PDF form.

  • How to register economic operators and retailers in the manufacturer’s chain?

    For first access to the application and to register new EO user will input new login credentials and click on the button “Register”. Registration request can be approved by Authority user or automatically. After that, newly registered EO can login to the application.

  • It is possible to get UI from your system in real-time/near-real-time and not after End Of Business day?

    ID Issuer software solution is compliant with the Directive and the Implementing Regulation in this regard, meaning UIs are generated after End of the next Business day to give economic operators opportunity to recall requests.

  • What level of support do you provide?

    Support is provided according to requirements set by Contracting Authority, available to you Monday to Friday, by phone +421 800 222 921, by e-mail support@idissuer.local or via the Chat interface on this portal.

  • Do you have an environment for integration tests with the systems of economic operators?

    Testing environment is in place and you can start integrating with IDIssuer system right away. For details please see the integration manual.

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Interface 2 interface

Integration manual

Integration manual is a document which describes data interfaces (APIs) and everything related to their implementation and usage. It is intended for those economic operators who want to communicate with Id Issuer system also through data interfaces, not only through Graphical User Interface (GUI). This is called system to system communication. You will find there detailed description of provided and requested APIs, how to implement them, how to authenticate and how use them.

Integration manual
ID Issuer

User manual

User manual is a document, which describes the ID Issuer system from the user point of view, especially its Graphical User Interface (GUI). Please read this document if you are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or first retail outlet selling tobacco products according to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/574 obliged to use ID Issuer system and want to get familiarized with it and use it properly.

User manual for economic operators

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